COVID-19 rapid tests Management System

A web platform for daycare centers to ensure a more effective management of rapid test.

Due to reasons of discretion and confidentiality, the exact client cannot be disclosed, as it involves a German federal authority.

Form for creating organization at COVID-19 rapid tests management system Ticket overview system at COVID-19 rapid tests management system


Challenges for daycare centers in Germany

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, German citizens and facilities such as daycare centers faced an ongoing battle to keep up with the rapidly evolving requirements and regulations of the government. The safety of children and staff became paramount, necessitating the swift implementation of immediate solutions. Adapting to the ever-changing landscape, complex guidelines, testing protocols, and logistical demands had to be combined into one rapid test management system that could keep up with the demands of daycare centers and its processing.

The urgency to ensure a safe environment and facilitate on-demand delivery of rapid tests posed significant challenges, calling for agile and innovative approaches. Immediate action was needed to develop a web application that could efficiently handle the changing requirements, provide seamless access to vital information, and enable effective communication between stakeholders. With the expertise and dedication of 21vision, a solution was rapidly developed to meet these pressing needs, providing daycare centers with a secure portal to report their demands.

Form for creating organization at COVID-19 rapid tests management system

»When we were faced with the urgent need to develop a rapid test management system for daycare centers during the pandemic, 21vision stood out to us with their high expertise and their bold promise to deliver the implementation within a week. It was a challenging task that seemed almost impossible, but we trusted their capabilities and dedication. They not only fulfilled their promise but exceeded our expectations. Their expertise and commitment were truly exceptional.«

Project owner

COVID-19 rapid tests management system


Implementation of the COVID-19 rapid test web application

The implementation of the COVID-19 rapid test management web application encompassed a range of crucial features and functionalities. With a focus on efficiency and user-friendliness, the system allowed for the seamless administration of organizations and their respective requirements. A comprehensive ticket system was integrated, enabling manage and track rapid test delivery requirements. The chat functionality facilitated real-time communication among daycare and medical centers, ensuring swift and effective collaboration. Additionally, an automatic Excel-export feature provided convenient data analysis and reporting capabilities about the demand changes of certain daycare centers.

One remarkable aspect of the implementation was 21vision's ability to deliver the base version of the system within a mere week. Importing organization data seamlessly and rapidly into the system further accelerated the onboarding process. The team once more demonstrated an exceptional commitment to meeting urgent client needs.

In the end, a robust and intuitive web application was implemented that empowered daycare centers to effectively manage COVID-19 rapid test demands taking into account the strictest data protection guidelines. The implementation of the system not only streamlined operations but also enhanced the overall safety and well-being of children and staff, providing a critical tool to navigate the challenges imposed by the pandemic.

Ticket overview system at COVID-19 rapid tests management system

Highlights of the Covid 19 test management system

  • Administration of organizations and requirements: An intuitive way to update organization information, including specific requirements related to COVID-19 rapid tests.
  • A comprehensive ticket system enabling an effective communication between daycare center staff and medical centers the manage rapid test deliveries.
  • Automatic Excel-Export allowing for data analysis of rapid test demand changes and daycare center behaviors
  • The base version of the system was delivered in only one week leaving no doubt that the team understood the client's urgency for the system in such challenging times.
  • Consideration of the highest data protection requirements according to the BSI standard


The impact of 21vision's work

21vision's rapid implementation of the COVID-19 rapid test management web application had a significant impact on the management of rapid test demands in daycare centers in Germany. By providing an intuitive and efficient platform, daycare centers were able to effectively and unbureaucratically require additional COVID-19 rapid tests, ensuring the safety of children and staff.

The comprehensive ticket system and chat functionality streamlined communication and coordination, enabling quick response times and seamless collaboration.

Form for creating organization at COVID-19 rapid tests management system

»The software 21vision developed had a high level of quality, and it provided us with the tools we needed to effectively manage rapid test demands and ensure the safety of our children and staff. What impressed us even more was the incredible support we received even after the implementation. 21vision always put our wishes and needs first, going above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. They are a truly customer-centric and reliable partner.«

Project owner

COVID-19 rapid tests management system

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