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Cryptory Dashboard and Website on Laptop and iPhone

Brand-new Web presence

Real-time data interaction

Convenient portfolio management

Interactive charts

Cryptory GmbH

Website and Crypto-Dashboard

Cryptory is a leading crypto-consulting company based in Frankfurt, specializing in providing expert guidance and insights on crypto investments.


Cryptory needed a comprehensive solution to streamline operations, improve the conversion rate and customer experience, and enhance their competitive edge.


21vision enabled Cryptory with a new website and user-friendly crypto dashboard, driving customer engagement, and increase their website conversion rate.

Interior Circle GmbH

Second-Hand-Marketplace App and Web-Dashboard

Interior Circle is a trusted marketplace for high-quality second-hand interior articles, promoting sustainable living and affordable home decor.


Interior Circle needed to reimplement its whole technical infrastructure to handle the »Die Höhle der Löwen« TV broadcast opportunity seamlessly and improve the scalability and user-experience of their app.


21vision's technical reimplementation using Laravel and Flutter empowered Interior Circle with a scalable platform, an optimized user experience and a seamless integration in the AWS ecosystem.

Interior Circle Dashboard on Desktop Screen Two screens of Interior Circle App

Administrative Web-Dashboard

AWS Ecosystem

Payment Integration

Push Notifications

Deep Linking & Universal Links

User Analysis

Form for creating organization at COVID-19 rapid tests management system Ticket overview system at COVID-19 rapid tests management system

Administration panel

Comprehensive ticket system


Automatic Excel-Export

Delivery of base system in a week

Childcare Safety Initiative

COVID-19 Rapid Tests Management System

A web platform for a German federal authority to ensure a more effective management of rapid test.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, daycare center demanded a swift implementation within weeks for a web application to support the safety of children and staff with on-demand delivery of rapid tests.


21vision rapidly developed a secure and user-friendly web application for on-demand delivery of rapid tests, prioritizing the safety of children and staff at daycare centers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kurkuma 400 GmbH

Capture the Indian Essence

Kurkuma400 is an acclaimed Indian restaurant that has garnered multiple awards for its exceptional cuisine and dining experience.


Conveying the restaurant's uniqueness and high-quality dining experience on their website while adapting to the digital era and addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


After capturing the restaurant's atmosphere, the team of 21vision designed a website that showcased culinary excellence, leading to increased visitor engagement and anticipation.

Kurkuma home page on MacBook

Branded marketing website

Digital menu

Mail system integration

Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Interior Cirlce
Blocktima Consulting Group

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