Transforming Cryptory's Web Presence

Cryptory is a consulting company based in Frankfurt that is specialized in Crypto-consulting. Georg, the founder of Cryptory, is famous for his popular Instagram account where he presents high-quality content about crypto investments.

Desktop Cryptory Website


Challenges of Cryptory

As Cryptory's consulting services continued to gain traction, the need for a significant transformation of their web presence became evident. The existing website faced various challenges that hindered their ability to effectively engage with their growing customer base and thus minimized the conversion rate.

By working close together with Cryptory from the very beginning, we identified the following key challenges:

Outdated Website Design

Cryptory's existing website failed to reflect their brand identity and expertise in the crypto consulting space. Its outdated design and user interface did not resonate with their target audience, resulting in missed opportunities for customer engagement.

Ineffective Customer Engagement

Cryptory faced difficulties in effectively engaging with their growing customer base. The lack of interactive elements and personalized content on the website prevented meaningful interactions and limited their ability to establish long-term relationships with clients.

Limited Functionality

The website lacked essential features and functionalities required for seamless customer interactions, such as online appointment scheduling. This limitation hindered Cryptory's ability to provide a convenient and efficient consulting experience for their clients.

Unscalable IT infrastructure

The unscalable IT infrastructure limited Cryptory's growth potential and posed challenges in accommodating increasing demands and technological advancements.

Georg Borgert - Founder and CEO, Cryptory

»We knew we needed a partner who could not only understand our unique industry but also deliver innovative solutions to elevate our online presence. We chose 21vision as they where trustworthy, professional and competent. We simply had a good feeling starting the digitalization of our business with them.«

Georg Borgert

Founder and CEO, Cryptory


Transforming Cryptory's Web Presence

To address the challenges faced by Cryptory and create a powerful online presence, 21vision implemented a comprehensive solution that transformed their website and empowered their clients with cutting-edge crypto web services.

Reimplementation of the Cryptory Website

The first step was a complete redesign of Cryptory's website, combining a modern aesthetic with a user-friendly interface. The new design not only captivated visitors but also ensured seamless navigation, allowing potential clients to easily access the information they needed and engage with Cryptory's services effortlessly.

21vision's expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) was also leveraged to enhance Cryptory's online visibility. Through strategic keyword research and optimization techniques, the website achieved higher search rankings, attracting organic traffic and expanding Cryptory's reach within the crypto consulting space.

Optimization of IT Infrastructure and Enhanced Client Services

21vision focused on optimizing Cryptory's IT infrastructure and enhancing client services. By modernizing the underlying technological architecture, 21vision ensured scalability and efficiency, enabling Cryptory to meet growing demands and leverage emerging technologies effectively.

Furthermore, 21vision worked closely with Cryptory's team to tailor their online services to better cater to client needs. By incorporating client feedback and participation, the website and further digital touchpoints were fine-tuned to offer a more personalized and informative experience.


The impact of 21vision's work

The implementation of the new website and further web services has had a profound impact on Cryptory's business. Website traffic has significantly increased, with a surge in user engagement and longer average session durations. Customers have expressed higher levels of satisfaction with the user-friendly interface and seamless navigation, resulting in improved conversion rates and increased revenue.

Furthermore, the additional client services has empowered investors to make informed investment decisions. Testimonials from Cryptory highlight the tangible benefits they have experienced, including streamlined operations, enhanced brand reputation, and a stronger position in the competitive crypto consulting industry.

Georg Borgert - Founder and CEO, Cryptory

»Partnering with 21vision was a game-changer for Cryptory. Their expertise in website design and the implementation of client service applications perfectly aligned with our vision to provide an exceptional user experience for our clients. Both has elevated our business to new heights, allowing us to deliver real-time data, advanced portfolio management, and valuable insights.«

Georg Borgert

Founder and CEO, Cryptory

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