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Interior Circle is a trusted marketplace for high-quality second-hand interior articles, promoting sustainable living and affordable home decor, creating a community where stylish homes and conscious consumption meet.

Interior Circle Dashboard on Desktop Screen Two screens of Interior Circle App


Challenges of Interior Circle

Interior Circle, a thriving second-hand interior article marketplace, faced the challenge of smoothly navigating the TV show »Die Höhle der Löwen« while ensuring the performance and scalability of their apps and website.

After finding out that the currently used technologies where rather outdated and especially not very scalable for such a complex marketplace, Interior Circle entrusted 21vision with a technical reimplementation.

21vision was responsible for transitioning to modern and scalable frameworks tools like Laravel for the Backend and Flutter as the framework for the Android and iOS App.

The customer's goal was in addition to enhance user experience, streamline transactions, and optimize their platform's functionality to make an excellent impression when the TV show was boradcasted.

Chanté Nöhlen - Founder and CEO of Interior Circle

»I was impressed by 21vision's ability to think critically and approach our challenges strategically. Their deep understanding of our unique needs, their innovative solutions and technical expertise made them the perfect partner for us.«

Chanté Nöhlen

Founder and CEO of Interior Circle


New implementation of Interior Circle's technical infrastructure

Interior Circle partnered with 21vision to provide a fully comprehensive solution for their second-hand marketplace. The technical reimplementation involved leveraging scalable technologies and state-of-the-art tools like Laravel and Flutter.

Flutter was taken as a Cross-Platform framework allowing for the efficient creation of both Android and iOS apps with a single codebase. Due to that, the long-term demand for maintenance gets reduced and the framework ensures a consistent user experiences across different platforms while making use of native components and adressing Android and iOS user individually.

The Infrastructure of the Interior Circle reimplementation
Firebase Logo

Laravel was selected as the backend framework for Interior Circle due to its robustness, scalability, and rich ecosystem of tools and libraries. With its elegant syntax, Laravel enables efficient development of secure and high-performing web applications. It provides features such as routing, database management, and authentication, making it an ideal choice for building a reliable and powerful backend system for the Flutter app. Also, the implementation of the application programming interface (API) for the app with Laravel was seamless and provides a high scalability for future enhancements.

The use of AWS (Amazon Web Services) brought significant benefits to the Interior Circle platform. The following features where used for an increased platform's performance and reliability:

CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment)

With the help of AWS services like GitHub Actions and CodePipeline, 21vision implemented a robust CI/CD pipeline. This allowed for automated code integration, and deployment, resulting in faster and more efficient updates to the platform.

S3 Buckets

AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) was utilized to store and serve static assets such as images, videos, and documents. By using S3 buckets, Interior Circle achieved reliable and scalable storage, ensuring quick and seamless access to media files for users.

AWS SES (Simple Email Service)

By integrating SES into the platform, Interior Circle was able to leverage its reliable email infrastructure for sending transactional and promotional emails to users. SES ensured high deliverability and improved email engagement.


The integration of AWS CloudFront as a content delivery network (CDN) dramatically improved the speed of delivering content. CloudFront cached and distributed static and dynamic content across multiple edge locations, reducing latency and enhancing the performance especially during the TV show.

Third party integrations

The app's key features included robust messaging capabilities, the ability to configure the app centrally through a web dashboard and a seamless handling of the purchase and sale process, integration with external payment services like Klarna and PayPal. The use of FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) ensures centralized and reliable delivery of push notifications that could be sent from the web dashboard. The entire system was integrated into the AWS ecosystem, ensuring a robust infrastructure for scalability and performance.

Payment integration in Interior Circle App
Interior Circle wallpaper with app screens

Highlights of Interior Circle

  • Integration into the AWS ecosystem for a scalable and reliable performance. The website had at most 285.000 visitors concurrently during the TV show »Die Höhle der Löwen«.
  • Central Push Notification messaging and analysis from the web dashboard through the use of the Firebase Cloud Messaging API.
  • Use of Deep Linking (Android) and Universal Links (iOS) for a seamless interaction of the website and mobile app and a targeted references within the App when it comes to opening Push Notifications or links sent via Social Media.
  • Payment integration of services such as PayPal and Klarna to enable transactions within the Flutter app without the use of leaving the app.
  • Implementation of a centralized web dashboard that enables the customer to configure the app from one place, get app usage insights and run marketing campaigns.


The impact of 21vision's work

The partnership between 21vision and Interior Circle resulted in significant positive outcomes. The technical reimplementation improved the app's performance, scalability, and overall user experience. With enhanced functionality, including smooth transaction handling and convenient external payment integrations, Interior Circle witnessed increased user engagement and customer satisfaction. The centralized web dashboard provided valuable insights through interactive charts and statistics, enabling data-driven decision-making. The successful integration into the AWS ecosystem ensured a stable and reliable platform. Furthermore, the collaboration contributed to Interior Circle's successful TV appearance, raising their brand visibility and attracting a wider audience to their marketplace.

Chanté Nöhlen - Founder and CEO of Interior Circle

»21vision's implementation of our new app and website had a significant impact on our business. Their technical reimplementation using state-of-the-art tools like Flutter and Laravel improved the overall performance and scalability of our platform. With their support, we achieved seamless transactions, enhanced user experience, and successfully integrated into the AWS ecosystem.«

Chanté Nöhlen

Founder and CEO of Interior Circle

The result of the Interior Circle project was a highly enhanced app. With improved performance and scalability, the app provides a seamless user experience for browsing and purchasing high-quality second-hand interior articles. Users can now enjoy the benefits of a robust messaging system, and convenient payment integrations. The app is available for download on the App Store, allowing stylish homes and conscious consumers to connect and promote sustainable living.

Download the Interior Circle App now and experience yourself:

Two screens of Interior Circle App

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