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Kurkuma400 is an acclaimed Indian restaurant that has garnered multiple awards for its exceptional cuisine and dining experience.

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Challenges of Kurkuma

Kurkuma 400 faced the challenge of accurately portraying the restaurant's unparalleled ambiance and top-notch dining experience on their website. While customers consistently praised the restaurant's uniqueness and high-quality offerings, they felt that the website did not adequately reflect these aspects. The task at hand was to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms, bringing the essence of Kurkuma 400's dining experience to the web.

Moreover, the restaurant needed to stay relevant and adapt to the demands of the digital era, especially considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the dining industry. The ultimate aim was to create an online space that would allow visitors to anticipate and connect with the exquisite dining experience offered by Kurkuma 400, catering to their passion for quality food.

 - CEO of Kurkuma

»From our very first meeting, we had a tremendous amount of trust in 21vision's ability and professionalism. They made the entire process so much easier than we anticipated, surpassing our expectations with their expertise and dedication.«

CEO of Kurkuma


Reimplementation of the Website

The implementation phase for Kurkuma's website was a collaborative and immersive journey. Recognizing the importance of accurately conveying the restaurant's uniqueness and high-quality dining experience, Kurkuma invited the developers and web-designer of 21vision to personally experience the ambiance, atmosphere, and delectable cuisine. This invaluable firsthand encounter served as the foundation for creating a website that authentically captured the essence of Kurkuma.

The team meticulously curated a visual masterpiece by incorporating stunning imagery, captivating animations, and meticulous attention to detail. Through an artful combination of design elements, the website successfully delivered the desired mood, evoking a sense of excitement and inviting visitors to indulge in the culinary delights that Kurkuma had to offer.

Kurkuma Starters on large display


The impact of 21vision's work

The thoughtfully crafted website successfully showcased Kurkuma's culinary excellence, captivating visitors and enticing them to explore further. The immersive experience created a sense of anticipation and heightened engagement, translating into a greater desire to experience the restaurant firsthand. By effectively conveying the essence of Kurkuma through the website, 21vision's work played a pivotal role in conveying the mood of Kurkuma into the Web.

 - CEO of Kurkuma

»I've frequently been asked why, despite the uniqueness and high quality of our restaurant, our web presence does not reflect expactly that so that new visitors get a sense of excitement for their visit. Now, finally, with the new website developed by 21vision, we have finally achieved a digital presence that truly mirrors the exceptional experience we offer at Kurkuma.«

CEO of Kurkuma

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