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Enhancing Employee Satisfaction and Wellbeing with an Enterprise Mobile App

In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, prioritizing employee satisfaction and wellbeing is key to fostering a positive work culture and driving organizational success. By harnessing the power of technology, an enterprise mobile app can revolutionize the way companies assess and enhance employee satisfaction, promoting overall wellbeing and team spirit.


The relevancy of Employee satisfaction

Assessing employee satisfaction has traditionally been a challenging task, often limited by time-consuming manual processes and subjective data collection methods. Businesses struggle to capture accurate and real-time feedback, resulting in a lack of comprehensive insights into employee sentiment. Due to the mentioned reasons, the employee statisfaction is not measured at all in many organizations. That does not only prevent the management from making adequat decisions about their staff, the team also loses motivation as they do not feel comprehended.

These challenges can be overcome by adopting automated feedback mechanisms, such as surveys and polls. This allows for continuous assessment, providing valuable insights into employee satisfaction levels, identifying pain points, and enabling proactive steps to address concerns promptly. By leveraging the convenience and ubiquity of mobile devices, businesses can gather data on the go and create a culture of open communication and transparency by incorporating all this into a powerful mobile app.

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How mobile Apps help

Integrating an enterprise mobile app into employee satisfaction initiatives offers a multitude of benefits. By leveraging features such as surveys, polls, and feedback mechanisms, businesses can collect comprehensive and actionable data on employee sentiment.

This data-driven approach provides a holistic view of employee needs, concerns, and engagement levels, enabling organizations to implement targeted strategies that enhance job satisfaction, boost morale, and foster a positive work environment. Employees feel empowered and valued when their opinions are heard and considered, leading to increased loyalty, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Additionally, the app facilitates real-time communication between employees and management, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting team spirit.


How to get to action

When implementing an enterprise mobile app for employee satisfaction, it is crucial to define assessment parameters and metrics that align with the organization's goals and values. Customization plays a vital role in customizing the app to suit specific requirements, ensuring it captures relevant data while maintaining user-friendly interfaces. Privacy and anonymity features should be incorporated to encourage honest feedback and protect employee confidentiality. Leveraging data analytics and visualization tools enables organizations to derive actionable insights, identify trends, and make informed decisions to enhance employee satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

What kind of metrics are worth measuring?

  • Employee Engagement Score: The level of emotional connection and commitment employees have towards their work and the organization.
  • Job Satisfaction Rate: Reflects how satisfied employees are with their roles, responsibilities, and overall work environment.
  • Turnover Rate: Indicates the percentage of employees who leave the organization over a specified period, providing insights into retention and satisfaction levels.
  • Absenteeism Rate: Measures the frequency and duration of employee absences, which can be indicative of job dissatisfaction or wellbeing issues.
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS): Assesses the likelihood of employees recommending their organization as a place to work, serving as a proxy for overall employee satisfaction and advocacy.

Cultivating a culture of continuous improvement completes the cycle, as feedback is actively addressed, concerns are met with solutions, and accomplishments are celebrated. By consistently monitoring and evaluating the app's impact, organizations can refine their strategies and adapt to evolving employee needs.

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Here are two advices that you should definitely be considered when implementing a customer satisfaction enhancing app:

  1. Align the app with your organizational goals: Before implementing an enterprise mobile app for employee satisfaction, clearly define your goals and objectives. Identify key areas where the app can make a significant impact, such as improving cross-team communication, addressing specific employee concerns, or promoting recognition and rewards regularly. By aligning the app's features and functionalities with your specific goals, you can maximize its effectiveness and ensure a targeted approach.
  2. Involve employees in the process: Actively involve employees throughout the implementation process to increase their engagement and buy-in. Seek their input and feedback on the features, design, and functionality of the app. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and empowers employees to become advocates for the app. Furthermore, the app will serve its purpose much more precise if some feedback loops have been considered and integrated in the actual app. Additionally, providing training and support to employees on using the app effectively ensures a smooth transition and maximizes its benefits.

Once you make a decision for such an app, answer the following questions to get ahead and have the solution in place as soon as possible:

  • What technologies do we use? Is the development for Android enough, or do we need separate development team for Android and iOS? How about developing cross-platform with Flutter and reducing the app costs and maintenance effort by more than 40 %?
  • Does my organization have an in-house team for planning and developing the app or do I need a reliable and experienced agency?
  • How about the technology for Backend? Does Node.js, Django or Laravel fit best?
  • How about integrating it with a web dashboard? What kind of functionalities can be useful?

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How 21vision can help

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